QHow long will the adult mosquito treatment last?
AIt may vary with rainfall and location of property, but 30 days is common under most situations.
QIf I have a perimeter pest application, will it control termites?
ANo, it iwll help with ants, ticks, fleas, spiders, etc. but termites travel in the soil and are not controlled with perimter sprays.
QWhy are moles so bad this year?
AMiles feed on earthworms, grubs and ants and tend to live in areas in close proximity to out homes. They have a great habitat and food source to thrive in this area. Mole control is only successful if you trap or bait or a combination of the two. All other methods are just slick marketing. It takes time and energy to get rid of moles, there is no quick fix for this problem
QI have used Round-up on my gravel driveway to control the weeds, but I just have to keep repeating the application throughout the year. Round-up just does not work!
ARound-up is a great product but only kills green tissue at the time of application, it has no soil residual. We use Round-up with 2-3 other products to lengthen residual and achieve weed free results.
QEvery year my lawn looks good in the spring and fall, but brown and dead during the summer. What is wrong? I'm getting treatments, right?
AIn most cases, the grass species is ryegrass and some bluegrass. These grass species have poor heat and drought tolerance and have a shallow root system. We have moved away from these species and are using the dwarf variety of tall fescue. This has solved the problem.
QI want to establish a new lawn and want to do it this spring. Is this a good time to do it?
AI would only recommend seeding a new lawn in the spring if you absolutely have to! Spring seeding projects are difficult at best and weed pressure is at its highest. August-September is a much better window to see a completely new lawn.
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